Is the a MIDI Buffer like Prepare or Pre Load setting in Cubase?

I am getting dropped MIDI notes,

Testing HAS determined that it is a Cubase issue when using more than 3 MIDI Tracks that have detailed Dynamics, Expression and Vibrato data on each track (standard and required for realistic Orchestral programming) .

Cubase Pro 11 & Pro 12 can not seem to handle that much MIDI data when more than 3 MIDI tracks are playing.

Is there a way to increase the MIDI buffer in Cubase?

Internally there should be no limitation on how much Cubase can handle. However if you are sending to external devices the midi interface may have problems as may the devices with lots of controller data.


Where is the MIDI track routed to, please?

The MIDI standard has its own limitation. It’s 7bit protocol.

Thanks for your replys.

This is related to my post here

This happens if the MIDI data is being sent to any Multi-timbral soft synth in both Cubase Pro 11 and Pro 12…

If I insert any Multi-timbral soft synth such as Kontakt 6, East West Play 6 and have more than 3 MIDI tracks with Dynamics, Expression or Vibrato automation data unmuted and playing I get dropped MIDI.

If I remove the Dynamics, Expression or Vibrato automation data I can have as many MIDI tracks playing as I like.

This happens to any Multi-timbral soft synth only.
If I insert many instancies of Kontakt for example, with only one library in each, the MIDI with automation plays perfectly. If I add in Dynamic, Vibrato and Expression data on more than 3 tracks I get dropped MIDI notes.

Remove the Dynamic, Vibrato & Expression data I can have as many tracks as I like playing. (Tested up to 30 Instrument and Midi tracks

This indicates that the issue seems to be when multiple and constant MIDI data is being transmitted at the same time (but this is required for realistic orchestral programming).

It is worth saying that this ONLY happens in Cubase and does NOT happen in Pro Tools, Studio One 5 or Ableton Live 11 (all on this same Laptop)

I have been VERY thorough in my testing and my system (only 14 months old) hardware is fine, 32 GB Matched Corsair RAM, 3 fast Samsung M.2 Internal NVMe SSDs (matched to the motherboard) and Intel i7 CPU.

Windows 10 Pro w, all the steinberg suggested tweaks and a few others. Streamlined Windows in that Cortana, games, MS Store and other un-needed bloat ware is uninstalled.

A collegue mentioned that he had the same issue on SONAR X1 hicj when eleased the default MIDI Prepare was reduced to 250ms which caused dropped notes in some projects just as I describe.

The fix (it was reconised as a bug) - The Default MIDI Prepare Buffer size has been reduced to 20 msec. Limitations preventing the MIDI buffer from being set lower had been removed. There should be no need to change the buffer size from the new default value anymore, since the engine automatically raises the internal size when necessary.

I do not know if lowering the buffer would help as Cubases’s Midi Monitor show the odd “out side of Prefetch” message so I wish to try increasing any internal Cubase MIDI buffer to see if that cures the issue.

In Cubase preferencies I have tried changing the MIDI Latancy mode but that made no difference as it is not the same thing as an internal buffer that limits how much midi Cubase loads into memory before it is passed on to its destination instrument.

One for steinberg then.

Anyone ???

Where is your answer Steinberg? Why we get random Midi notes playing when VST instrument is Not Connected with any Midi device. Vst instrument receives magical Midi notes Outside Prefetch. Immposible to work when that happens. Can’t render tracks without random notes showing up !!!

Is this related to this post? I don’t get this problem so check out the vsti instrument you are using.