Is the Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox royalty-free/Gema-frei?


If i use a song or parts of a song of the Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox - will this be considered royalty-free especially considering German Gema?



I have been through hard times with the German GEMA because of other so called royalty-free Music which turned out to be not royalty-free in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I would therefore very much appreciate an answer. Steinberg and the moderators of the forum should be able to give an answer - I hope :wink:



Someone of Position at Steinberg must have the answer to this…

What are the usage right of the Allen Morgan Rock Pop Toolbox?

I’m sure they do but this is a user to user forum. Though some Steinberg employees do visit here they tend to be from the technical side.

You might do better asking in the VST instruments etc Forum, Are the copyright terms not listed within the license?