Is the Audio Alignment Panel really that bad?

I’m curious to know if any Cubase users have found a way to get a good result using the Audio Alignment Panel? It’s so hit and miss, and for me most of the time it’s a miss. I’ve tried ReVoice Pro and it’s accuracy is way better, but, I dislike the UI and way it works. It just seems unnecessarily complicated.

Also are there plans to update the Audio Alignment Panel soon? It would be so nice to have this feature work as it should.

I tried vocaligns plugins about 1-2 years ago, and I could not notice that much of a difference. IIRC vocalign even was less accurate sometimes.

Try to use shorter sections, as it seems to work better with those.

But these algorithms could be better in general, its the reason why I do most of the alignment work by hand still.

I have tried using shorter sections and get slightly better results, but even these better results are usually poor. Occasionally it’ll work well on one or two stems but the majority always need manually fixing. The results I got with ReVoice Pro when I tested it are impressive, but it’s just horrible to use, and it’s not cheap.

Cubase seems to excel in most areas, but this is a massive let down, and I don’t understand why it’s even a feature when it doesn’t really work.

I had already reported my experiences in the German part of the forum.
I used Audio Alignment (German Audio Ausrichtung) to exchange a video soundtrack.
Project: Choir concert with strings, brass and kettledrum
Sound recording 6 tracks, completely mixed and post-processed as a stereo track.
Video with stereo sound track
Since Cubase only exports video audio in 44.1 and 48Khz, I set up the project with 48kHz.
Imported video with audio track
Good soundtrack imported
Audio alignment: very bad result, mostly abort with error message
Then new project with 96Khz
Imported video with audio track
Good soundtrack imported
Audio alignment: very good results
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