Is the Back up Project function supposed to save all files?

Is the “Back up Project” function supposed to save all files in the project pool? Even those not currently associated with the project like those listed in the pool trash folder?

This came up in a different topic and I was surprised to see that it doesn’t save the audio files listed in the pool trash.

Based on the instructions in the CB op manual (pg 84/85) I would think it would unless you checked off the “minimize audio files” and/or “remove unused files” options. Weird wild stuff :confused:

What do you guys think? I did not find an issue report for this so depending on the responses for these questions I will/will not post one. Thanks

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I’m wondering why you would want to save the files in Trash. Surely they are there for a reason?

I can’t say that it is something that would bother me in the least. Anyway I have the habit of deleting the trash at the end of each session.

To be honest I dont think I would use the files that were in the trash folder. And I too delete files from the trash after I figure out which ones are the best for the project. But, I would think that there might be an opportunity to use some of those takes in a different project and I think some do use them.

The real point of my question was to clarify if the back up project function is supposed to save all files like I believe it is implied in the op manual. If it supposed to, and it doesn’t, then an issue report is warrented.

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If you are curious it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to create a test project and see what happens. :wink:

Actually I often back up projects to simplify them and get rid of the dead wood.

To be honest my trash is mainly takes that did not work or the results of poor guitar playing!!!

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Of couse I did that and it does not save the files from the trash. That surprised me because I thought it would save them based on what I think is inferred in the OM. Hence my question… Is it supposed to or not?

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Having had a look at the manual I can say that the answer to your question is clearly that trashed files are not carried over. The assumption being that these files are trashed because they are not wanted. Given that the original project is left as it is you could recover any files that you might decide you need. Personally I would not lose any sleep over this issue.

As I have said I find myself using the back up project quite a lot to thin down a bulging project folder as my composition has taken a final shape. I might add that Archive Project is also an essential function as occasionally I have a file that somehow is not in the project folder and this function adds the file to the project folder.

Unless someone from Steinberg who was involved with defining the behavior answers you’ll probably never find out. The best most of us on the forum can do is speculate about the programmer’s intent.

Can’t see the inference myself.

Here is what I see stated that makes me question it…

Pg 84 especially the 3rd sentence:
“You can create a backup copy of your project. Backups only contain the necessary work data. All media files except the files from VST Sound archives are included as a copy.

Pg 85 lists two options to eliminate files:

“Minimize Audio Files
Allows you to include only the audio file portions that are actually used in the project. This can significantly reduce the size of the project folder if you are using small sections of large files. It also means that you cannot use other parts of the audio files if you continue working with the project in its new folder.”

And especially this option:
"Remove Unused Files
Allows you to remove unused files and to back up only the files that are actually used."

This issue really hasn’t made a difference to me… yet. But, I thought it was saving all files that are in the project folder (except for ones stated it won’t save).

IMO all audio files in the project audio pool (either in “audio” or “trash”) show up when you look at the project audio folder (using explorer). This is what I thought was being saved as they are still part of the project until I delete or move them.

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The problem is that files in the trash are not regarded as part of the project for the simple reason they have been deleted.Of course when they are deleted they go into the trash. If you want to keep them take them out of the trash folder. Personally I just delete the trash at the end of the session and takes that I might want to use later or to comp from, I leave in the lanes.

Unused files are in the pool and these can be files that might have been used in different versions of the project - connected with different .cpr files. Files that you delete are not kept in the pool. Only files that are included in any of the various versions of the project you have saved.