Is the C6 "audio engine" different from previous versions?

Does anyone know the history of changes in Cubase’s audio engine? Lots of stuff in various forums around the net on the topic, but no definitive answer, e.g., . Has there ever been any official Steinberg announcement about audio engine changes?

I’m actually wondering about whether an audio track recorded into SX3 would be “different” than one recorded in C6.0.5.

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Yes. There was a major change from VST5 → SX1.

Tracks recorded: definitely not, any DAW at with least 24-bit bit-depth records exactly the same thing.

Straight mixdowns without any EQ/comp/etc: There shouldn’t any differences between any 32-bit DAWs. “Audio engine” is just pure math. It can be done the right way or can be completely flawed (which I believe none of the modern DAWs are).

Further processing (with EQs/compressors/other plugins): there may be difference, because processing algorithms may be updated. IIRC there was an update on Cubase EQs SX3->CB4.

Something here about getting SX3-like EQ in C5: Creativity First — Our Passion for Music Inspires | Steinberg

Thanks, guys. I’ll keep that in mind if I run into problems comping in C6.0.5, but so far it’s do-able using protection via parts.


Are there any plans regarding audio engine update in C7-8?