Is the CMC-PD worth buying?


I currently own the TP, CH and AI and love them. Still getting used to the features and weaning myself away from the QWERTY keyboard shortcuts but now I’m thinking about buying the CMC-PD. I want to know whether its worth buying? I can imagine it being quite useful especially with Groove Agent se 4 but will it work well with, for example, BFD2? Are the pads sensitive enough? Any thoughts on the PD are very welcome!

Thanks for any help!


Can’t answer your question regarding BFD2 specifically, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t; it’s all midi. I have used it to trigger a physical E-drum set - not that it was particularly satisfying (as opposed to wailing away with a real set of sticks;) ). It is ideal for triggering samples of anything, and the browsing function is quite comfortable when searching them out.
As an aside however, when not being used as a trigger, it can be used as a panel of 16 programmable commands and/or macros!

I use it with Microtonic. Should be absolutely fine with BFD. May just take a bit of setting up initially. I’m pleased with mine a nice little unit. Perfect for me as I don’t have much space :slight_smile:
Not sure if they are still available though, looks like the CMC series are being discontinued, which is a shame :frowning:

This is great and I’ve decided I now must get one!

Armadillosound, thanks for your input. I have read on here that they may be discontinued but there are a few to be found on the internet so I’m gonna get one quick. Along with a QC (I’m really not interested in the FD units - unless someone can persuade me otherwise - I can’t see the ribbon faders beating, say, an iPad))! I don’t understand why they are being discontinued. They are very useful and for the money, amazing!

I have the QC and I recommend it :slight_smile:

I’ve just ordered a PD and managed to buy one new and for £65! This is great considering Steinberg officially announced that they are no longer manufacturing the CMC controller range anymore. Hopefully I can find a QC next week (when I have the money)! :slight_smile:

Does it work well with Groove Agent 5 on Cubase?

I considering buy a second one on ebay tho.