Is the Cubase 6 upgrade offer really "Special"?

Cubase 6 upgrade offer
From now until October 31, Steinberg offers all users of Cubase LE 4/5, Cubase AI 4/5, Cubase SX/SL 1/2/3, Sequel 2, Cubase Essential 4/5 and Cubase Elements 6 upgrades to Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 at a special price.

I just got an email from Steinberg touting a very special offer only available from now until the end of October. I can upgrade to Cubase 6 from 4 or 5 for 150.00. Well, that’s not really special because I could do that yesterday too, and a week ago, and 3 months ago. “Special” would be charging 100.00! This offer is really just the same thing they have been doing since 6 came out.

Kind of a let down…

Sorry, but from reading your post, I´d say the offer is not mentioning anything of an update from Cubase 4 or 5, but all other versions - so what exactly is your point…?

The price for upgrading to 6 is still 150.00, just as it has been since 6 came out. The price is not “special”, bur rather the same.

I think you are talking about updating instead of upgrading. The offer is about upgrading!
E.g. Artist to Full or Essential to Artist.

Exactly. ‘Upgrade’ is the word I meant to say. I have 5. When 6 came out I got emails saying I could upgrade to 6 for 150.00. Now this ‘special’ offer says we can upgrade to 6 from 5 or 4 for 150.00. I’m just saying the offer is no different from what they were already doing. Only now they are going to stop offering it come November. That feels more pushy than special.

No, I think you received an e-mail from SB saying you can update from 5 to 6 for €150,-
The update is still the same (although you could better buy it for less in a store).

The offer is about an upgrade from smaller versions.

As you can see, this offer never mentions an update from Cubase 4 or 5 to Cubase 6.

Supposedly the upgrade path I used was on special offer until the 31st of June. It’s still the same price :sunglasses:
-edit- no it’s not, it got €30 more expensive.

There is no such thing as an “update” from 5 to 6. I never said “update”. The upgrade has been 150.00 since 6 came out.

Sure there is.
First radiobutton under “I want the update or upgrade” here

OK so they call it an update now. My bad. My point is that it’s always cost 150.00 to go from 5 to 6, and the offer that came out today is not special.

The special applies to these versions and has nothing to do with C4/5 to C6 upgrade price.