Is the current resample algo in WL the same as found in Cubase?

I realize you have to work the Cubase option differently, first on import and then on export, but do these two programs produce the same results?
Is a resample algorithm a common universal thing, or are some resample results better than others?

AFAIK, Cubase now also uses SOX as in WaveLab. At least I know it is used in some part(s) of Cubase.

Thanks. Both seem to work well, PG, and both offer good results looking at the expanded wave files and hearing the playback, too. Although many audiophile ppl say that none of this changes the audio, I will disagree.

I also wanted to thank you for incorporating the Cubase keyboard shortcut (‘G’ and ‘H’ key), the track/wave horizontal expansion/contraction shortcut. Old habits are hard to break…