Is the DeClick module mostly useless?

First of all, let me praise Robin for this astonishing program. Everyday I am baffled by what I can accomplish with this unique approach to audio editing. Thanks really!

That being said, I simply can never remove any clicks with the Declick module. It seems to always be way way too gentle, even in the most “extreme” settings, and it will at most make the click a tiny bit smoother. But the clicks always remain clearly audible. And everytime I go to RX DeClick and it removes it instantly, unless I use the lightest of touches.

Why is this? Is SL declick meant for a use case I’m not aware of? Is there some trick to it? Is it just broken and no one uses it?
Is it possible that we could make it have a many orders of magnitude higher sensitivity mode, so I can stop going to RX, or needing to erase the clicks by hand?

Thanks again!

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I noticed this too. Many years back I had a Presonus FireWire interface that came with RCA pre’s for transferring vinyl and some amazing software that eliminated even the nastiest clicks and pops.

Can’t recall what the software was but I assumed that same level of click and pop elimination would exist in any DAW today. I have a mildly damaged 78 rpm track I tried to process in SL11 which it cannot do. So far I would have to manually wipe each click but there are maybe 40 or so of them. Perhaps SL11 can do it and I’ve not yet figured out the methodology. If I do, I’ll post here.

I’m behind my promised posts, BTW, due to computer issues and upgrades. Maybe in the next 2 days.

Agree the DeClick module could definitely get an upgrade. I’ll see what can be done with the upcoming patches.


Thank you, I’ll be sure to check it out!

Thank you Robin, much appreciated!

If you need testing on this feature you can count on me.

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Thanks Robin. I know we can count on you. :+1: