Is the 'Detect All Errors' function under the CORRECTION tab broken?

Dropping music file into the Audioeditor, I perform a detection test on a stereo track that is directly off a CD (containing no errors), I am told there are ‘too many errors to correct’. I can uncheck every listed error to look for (Crackle, Clicks, Pops, and Clipping) and as the operation hits 23-24%, it stops and a message appears telling me that ‘"too many errors were found…’

This can’t be right. It used to work in previous versions. I’m on a PC running Win11 64 bit.

This will be fixed in WaveLab 11.1.20 coming later this month.

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And it does seem to be fixed with the update! Thank you, PG, I know updating WL is a HUGE task. You Rock!

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