Is the 'Focus' area midi assignable?

I think pictures might help explain better exactly what I am trying to do so I have included some screenshots below;

I can move that little red square in the left picture around using arrow keys to different parameters.

In the device setup I want to assign a control (cc56 in my case) so that it is tied to whatever that red box is focused on.

So far;
I have tried to assign that ‘Focus’ to a fader within the midi setup window but can’t seem to find the right pathway.

I’m sure there is a thread somewhere but I can’t find it easily, if there is one could someone link it below.


First post also, yeahhh. Hello!

Hi and welcome,

I’m afraid, this is not possible. But you can shift the Focus frame (default setup is the white colour) by using Tab and Shift+Tab Key Command.

See if the Command->Navigate options of up/down/left/right do what you need.


No, it doesn’t switch among the tabs. Up/Down and Left/Right commands move just in the focused area.

I thought that is what he was trying to do… get to the next control knob. If he wants to move the focus of the window, there is a panel select set of commands, then use left/right/up/down. it’s convoluted, but I have basic control of knob select working sort of ok, until of course the track numbering gets fubared.

Ah, I see … he wants to go from equalizer to inserts for example… Based on the picture I was thinking HC to LC. Yeah, zone tabs don’t seem to be easily accessible via GR.