Is the free UR 22 / 44 version updated to 8 yet?

And if so, where can I find the download for it?

In my live environment I use the free UR 22 version so I don’t have to carry a dongle, so if I start working in the full version of 8 I’ll need this version as well since I doubt 7 will open an 8 project.

A “Cubase AI 8” version does not exist as such yet. LE and AI versions are only delivered with hardware devices and unfortunately it is not possible to update them directly to their successor, like the retail versions do.

Audio Projects made with Cubase AI 7 should open normally in Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8, but not in the opposite way, especially if a “version”-exclusive feature has been used within the project.

Thanks, Felipe.

I do need to buy a UR824 for the live project for scenarios where I’m recording instead of just playing back tracks.

If I wait until Cubase AI 8 is shipping with the UR824 hardware, will that version of software also work when I swap out and plug in my UR 22?