Is the Freeze MIDI Modifiers command broken?

Is anyone else having problems using the Freeze MIDI Modifiers command in Cubase 7.5? The command takes FOREVER to process the MIDI data. It also seems as though the function operates on the entire song and not just the selected part(s). That’s crazy!

If I just want to permanently apply a pitch offset, for instance, to a given part, I should be able to select just that part and then select the Freeze MIDI Modifiers command from the MIDI menu. This should happen almost instantaneously (as it does when executing the similar function in Logic). But right now it seems as though Cubase goes through every part in your song and “freezes” any offsets it finds. Not only does this take about a minute in a large project, but half the time the command crashes the program.

I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions?

This function doesn’t work on a selected event, it processes the whole selected track…event selection should have no bearing on what is processed.

Only tested quickly on a small test project but worked immediately.

To “freeze” just a specific Part, Select the track and Solo it, set L and R locators to the boundaries of the desired Part (no need to actually select the Part), and use the function “Merge MIDI in Loop”, in this instance you probably also want to checkmark the option “Erase Destination”. But be careful, (unlike the function “Freeze MIDI Modifiers”) it does not also reset the parameters in the track’s Inspector… because they may still be needed for other Parts on the same track.
And, yes, “Freeze MIDI Modifiers” does work on the entire length of the project, for the selected track(s).

Thanks for the replies. Something strange is definitely going on with my system. When I invoke the “Freeze MIDI Modifiers” command, Cubase takes 30 seconds or more to process the command and then usually crashes upon completion. I thought Cubase might be trying to operate on the entire song because it was taking so unbearably long. However, it does seem as if the command operates on a single track (which seems sort of dumb, it should probably be part-specific and if you want to process the whole track you should simply use the “Select All Events” command beforehand). Either way, Cubase obviously shouldn’t be taking 30 seconds or more to process the MIDI events (even on a lengthy track) and of course shouldn’t crash after completing the freeze.

Perhaps I should have mentioned that I am attempting to freeze the modifers on a standard MIDI track that is routed to an External Instrument, i.e., an external synth whose audio output is routed into the Cubase mixer. I’ll try to freeze the MIDI modifiers on a VSTi track to see if that makes any difference.

Thanks again for your help.