Is the iCPro app dead and gone?

Windows 11 connect the Ski Remote in C12 no problem. And the Apple software connects to the DAW. However, the Apple iOS 16.1.1 update, both on the iPad and iPhone display the Project UPSIDE DOWN on their screens and cannot be manipulated to move to another position or compress enough to see all the functions of the iCPro.

As I went to find perhaps an updated iCPro version in the Apple Apps store, I find that the iCPro app doesn’t exist anymore. Dead product?

What are you ppl using to control the DAW remotely these days? Thanks.

Yeah. Look in the Mobile Apps catagory

Still using icpro but it has t been updated in years and has lots of bugs. I just use it to start recording while sat at my drums.

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Thanks, gentlemen. It was great while it lasted, that’s all I can say…besides f-bomb! :slight_smile:

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Does anybody know if Steinberg has something in the pipeline to replace the app? I found it quite handy to remote control Cubase while not sitting in front of the laptop.

Been asking for ages and never had an answer. You can use the avid Eucon control on an iPad which works quite well. Still hoping Steinberg release something although we never know until they announce