Is the instrument editor a Dorico Pro feature?

I used to use Dorico Pro for the free trial and bought Dorico Elements after it ended. I remember that I often used the “Edit instrument definition” feature, for example to get a piano to only have one staff. Is this a Dorico Pro only feature? I’m asking because I don’t see this in the list of differences between the Dorico versions and I was also pretty sure that I still used this after my free trial ran off. I might be wrong though.
There are obviously easy workarounds for the issue I have, I’m just curious.

Yes, it’s a Pro feature. What are the issues you have?

Alright thank you. As I said for example having a piano with one staff but obviously I can just create a score with any one-staff-instrument and change the sound font to use piano.

Have you tried “Remove Staff” in Edit > Notations > Staff (or right-click).?

That also seems to be a pro feature but I can set it to hide in the manual staff visibility settings.