Is the internal processing different between 11 and 12?

This is the result of launching TestGenerator on the track, selecting the Square wave, and writing it out.
11 has a beautiful square wave, but 12 has a waveform that looks like it has been filtered.
Is there a difference in display? Or is the internal audio processing different?

I tried to reproduce it in 12, but was not able. In my case the rendered waveform looks like this, so everything seems fine:

You sure there wasn’t anything else going on?

I get the same result using internal Cubase (Pro 12) generator @440Hz -12dBFs and rendering to a 32 bit WAV file.

Maybe its the Cubase internal generator with some harmonics !

I am using the same settings and don’t have this “issue”. I am at 48Khz 24bit (64bit float processing).

im using 48KHz 24 Bits and 32bit float

Here is a 64 bit render

Zoom a bit more, maybe its the zoom factor! no ?

I am zoomed in as much as I can:

I loaded a synth with just a Square wave (vital in this case) and made a A 440Hz Note and rendered.

I´ll try a few more synths (this is very tricky because manufacturers can choose different models of the waveform, not pure raw square maybe)

It is worth noting that a “perfect” square wave - like show in your first screenshot - does not exist. A perfect square wave is not possible in reality because it requires infinite bandwidth. Anything in our physical world is bandlimited though: The DAW, any electronics system, our ears etc.
So the first picture just shows the sample values. The second picture is actually a much better visual representation of a bandlimited square wave.
There is a settings in the Preferences (Event Display->Audio->Interpolate Audio Waveforms) where you can switch between showing the sample values (the infamous “stairsteps”), and the interpolated waveform how it would look if it was run through a DAC with its reconstruction filter.

It has nothing to do with the internal processing.


Perfect square waveforms here with TestGenerator.
Win 10, C Pro 12.0.40 - 32float for internal audio engine.
I tried rendering to different bit depth. Also I tried volume change in the plugin as well as on the channel volume fader. Same result every time.

I was able.
Cubase in Japanese
Edit>Preferences>Event Display>Audio>Complete Audio Waveform Display
When I unchecked the item here, a beautiful Square wave was displayed.

With either setting I get a perfect square wave displayed.

at any zoom level?

In my case it was the “interpolate Audio Waveforms” setting. As soon as I switched it ON, the waveforms were displayed like in the OP post.

LOL, I had to zoom in one notch further to see the rounded spikes. Ruler is set to “Samples”. Cheers.

With the Interpolate option active the waveform displayed corresponds to TruePeak.

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