Is The License Server Down? / Can't access My Steinberg page

I can’t access the License Server at this time - just wondering if it’s down again?

Hi! Is it just my issue or is the My Steinberg page down? I’ve been trying to reach MySteinberg page but am seeing an “Oops an error occurred!” message for quite some time now. I just need to access my activation codes for a re-install but am really having a hard time. I hope someone can help me. Thank you very much!

Chances are you will not need to log in if all you wish is to reinstall. Your keys should be on your dongle or in your soft eLicenser (exception being if you had stuff on a software licenser and formatted the drive or started all over with the OS installation as well).

Go ahead and reinstall as needed. If your stuff uses a Dongle make sure it’s plugged in. Run your eLicenser app and let it do its maintenance routine. It should find its keys and clean itself up for you.

As for access to your mysteinberg account. Try clearing your browser caches and cookies and see what happens then. If you still get the error message try again later. I guess those servers do temporarily go down or get sick sometimes.

I’m seeing the same thing, it appears the license server is down as of the time of this post.

The license is on the dongle, no internet access is needed if you’re installing the same version as you previously were using with that dongle.

I just downloaded the latest e-licenser but the page I downloaded it from was blank except for “if you are not redirected…” etc., had no version history or any info at all. When I tried to do maintenance it couldn’t verify my licenses as the server “may be down for maintenance”. Slightly worrying?

If you run the eLicencer and skip the maintenance part, do your keys show up?

I have the same problem. My “keys” do show and when I type in my code to activate, it say it can’t connect due to “Maintenance”. I just want to know if that is true, or is it something on my end.

That wouldn’t be on on your end unless you can’t connect to the internet. But I just successfully ran the elicenser app and it connected/updated successfully.

I’m not sure if this is in any way related to your case but:

After the Windows 10 Anniversary Update I had to reinstall the Steinberg eLicenser software to get my Dongle-Ware working again.

I also had to reinstall my iLok based stuff.

That update did a number on my system…including removing a bunch of my device drivers :frowning: I had to reinstall quite a bit of stuff to get everything back up and running.

The good news is that it all seems to be working again now.