Is the old (blue) down for good?

Cant connect to it, whereas I could just a month ago (give or take). Any chance you guys can leave that up? There is a ton of good info there…

There was a topic discussing this before the forum shutdown/transformation. It seems to have disappeared.

The way it sounded, it is gone for good.

No explanation, either … :neutral_face:

Some kind of “heads up” would have been nice, for sure.

it is totally gone… all your base be long to no one

I seem to recall someone had downloaded the entire forum… not sure what format this would have taken. Let me try and recall –

please do!

Try the wayback machine… google it.

Bits and pieces of the forum are archived there:

Problem is the method isn’t meant for sites where the content changes frequently.

Okay, I am positive someone archived the old forum, not longer after it was closed. I think I know who it was; let me try to contact them

What’s interesting is that if one googles using the

site: [insert topic here]

method to search for old forum posts, it generates results, but when you click on any of them, it re-directs to this forum

Gentlemen, I was mistaken. The person who I thought had archived the old forum had actually only archived the infamous “The String Theory – Heard of It?” thread. I apologize for the mistake

Wish I had thought of that for Weasel’s ‘Cornfield’ thread. :frowning:
Took me an entire weekend to read thru it.

Well, if you want a long read, and some entertainment,


If it’s an open, clean sound, then the compression is more understandable…

Compress a clean sound? Uhh… sorry to break it to you but for the most part you’re almost completely defeating the purpose of using compression doing that.

Lightly compressing a clean guitar to even out the peaks and tighten up the dynamics is pretty common. Ask around on this one. Maybe you need to reexamine the “purpose of compression”.

Compression doesn’t “tighten up dynamics” imbecile, it clips the peaks, period.

…and I could easily give back any minimal dynamics lost compressing with a bit more eq on my mixer

You’re going to do what with what?

I do what needs to be done, not what YOU think. Don’t mistake it and get your ego all in a knot again, its not about what you want, its about what I want.

I’m sure you had a great time learning to be an ‘engineer’ from the back of Guitar One magazine, but it’s pretty apparent you don’t even know what the words you use mean, let alone have a clue about how things work. Enjoy your time here, I’m done with you.


That’s an interesting one, to be honest! Maybe the boy is a genius. As compression can also have the side effect of changing the tone of the processed signal … he may be working on a restoration plug in to send to Cedar that uses "Smart EQ* " for the effect of "ReverseComp * " (to “undo” compression)!

*Sorry boys, I’ve just already copyrighted these!

PS - I’ve just been reading about this concept called, “String Theory”. Anyone know anything about this, I wonder if it has musical applications?

^^^^ JP Genius - hmmmm… not what most were thinking :laughing:

It’s the ones that we least expect that always surprise us. He might just be thinking in some parallel way none of us can follow. Like Einstein failed math, per multiple verified urban legend urls.

It might not be as Ludacris as it sounds!

At a fundamental level everything is vibrating strings of energy.
Reality is music. [R=M]

Einstein stole all his ideas from the patent office. JP22 at least was original in his thinking

I know this guy jp22 is not the brightest bulb, but… you DO realize that EQ affects volume, right?

I remember reading the whole thing one morning a while back… it’s HILARIOUS!!! :slight_smile:

And vice versa, compression affects eq/tone, that was my point above.