Is the original Retrologue still available Cubase 8.5?

Can you still use Retrologue (original) instead of new Retrologue2 in the new Cubase 8.5 Pro.


Yes, I beieve it should be, I just did the opposite as I didn’t install the new Retrologue with 8.5. Retrologue has it’s own installer so if you updated Cubase along with the new one you could just uninstall the updated version and install the older version and conversely you have to uninstall the old version to update to the new one.(I believe the fancy Steinberg installers do this automatically but when doing it manually you need to do the uninstall yourself)

Why would you do that? Retrologue 2 is exactly the same as the first but better, and it comes with all of the old presets.

Why in the world would you want that? Unless…you have unfinished projects that use it.

Because I feel very comfortable/happy with the original with its analogue/retro layout…don’t need/want to change…it’s already perfect. And I don’t want it removed from the repertoire of virtual instruments.

I like the simplicity.

Presets are for people that don’t wish to use a synthesizer in a retro way: that’s fine too. Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Really no need to, the new one acts exactly the same. You can then turn on the new Stuff as you need it. Just the ability to add a SUB OSC to fatten up an existing patch is really cool with a minimum of effort.

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