Is the qualitty of sound in Halion Sonic Better than SE

might be a silly question, I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade from Halion Sonic SE to Halion Sonic. I see the sample library is much bigger, but are the samples a higher quality ? I’m only really wanting to do it to get access to the flex phraser.

No; however, there are a lot of ‘buts’. I highly recommend grabbing the demo and take it for a test drive if you’re really interested. I’d suggest getting a demo for the full HALion 6 package, as that will include rights to try both Sonic 3, and HALion 6. They are pretty deep instruments, so set aside a nice window of time to play around with things before activating your demo license.

Sonic mostly adds more content (well more than an additional 10gig worth), but it does offer a number of significant advanced features over SE for building and manipulating fresh sounds.

You can apply for a demo here: