is the start of cubase 6 faster than cubase 5 ?

When we have a certain number of plugs the start of cubase 5 is very long !!!

Is it true for cubase 6 too ?

Probably about the same!

ok thanks :mrgreen:

Aloha b,

Seems about the same here as well.


It seems that sonar X1 allow you to not scan at every start all the plugs, it’s a good idea I think, Cubase should be inspired by a same process :bulb:

People gave up moaning about it a while ago

I can understand, if we are inspired it’s long to waiting for the cubase starting … (a nightmare)

We’ve also discussed allowing you to terminate the lengthy startup by pressing x on your keyboard. That’s a good thought too for when you accidentally start loading it up. :slight_smile: