is the Steinberg support really working?


I’m a Cubase user since SX3, now on C5. I’m lucky enough for not having needed the support up to a few months ago. In December, I had a serious problem a few days before having to deliver the mixes of a commercial project to mastering. I must say it was between Xmas and New year, not the best period of the year. I called for help via the support (via the form on the site, there was no one via phone), saying how urgent it was. Never got any answer!!!
Luckily, someone was able to help on the SOS forum.

Then, last week, I was at musicmesse and asked a specific question to the staff on the Steiberg stand. The guy was not able to answer, but found the question interesting, so he told me to address it to the support team via the site. I did, one week ago. Again, no one answered or contacted me.

If this is the quality of the support in general, I’m happy I don’t need it more often, but I’m also worried of what would happen if I was again in serious trouble in the middle of a session for a customer…

hmmm… The forum normally was much more of help than the support. Unfortunately…

I have also meanwhile asked two questions recently and haven’t got an answer until now…

Whether they’re overloaded with requests and/or they do not like to respond.

P.S: Native Instruments support is neither much better, I still have a question open from november :wink:

I sent in the support form, got help right away.

I had two request one week ago.
Not one is answered so far.

I have now startet selling my Steinberg software due to the support I get from this company.
Ironically now they don’t react and don’t remove my Licensers at mysteinberg so that I can sell them.


Aloha Doc,
Weird one.
Like you I rarely need support help but the few times when I have
(most recently about a month or so ago) they have been right there for me.

Maybe try again.

Hope you get it sorted.

I emailed them about a problem last Saturday and they responded the following Monday…the advice didn’t work but they were prompt.

Hey Trevor, thanks for the morning chuckel.

I’ve had a similar experience only with a differnt company where they said in a phone call that tech support would call back in 24 hours…26 hours later I got the call, by then it was sorted. Point being, by talking about it with someone or writing it down can be enough to help formalize the problem and send you off to the answer yourself, other times not. You just don’t know until you get to working on the problem.

I finally got an answer, some 10 days after having send the request.

For information, the question I had was tha, now that 3rd parties are updating their plugins to the VST3 standard, these new version of the plugins just appears as a list without any categorization. For instance, I had my RX2 restoration plugins in a “Restoration” folder, but iZotope updated to VST3 and the new version are just in the “root” folder of the plugins, as is Melodyne VST3 version. There is apparently no way to specify a folder to sort the VST3 plugins in a logical way. It was not a problem with the cubase plugs themselves, as they are organized in a logical enough way (dynamic, distortion etc).
I asked this to s.o. from the Steiny booth in Franfurt, who couldn’t answer and told me to ask support, as this was according to him a good question.

The official answer is the following:
"Regarding VST3 it all depends on the programmer of the plug-in, if they have programmed them right, then they will be organized and appear on a folder.
E.g. Waves plug-ins appear inside a Waves plug-in folder.
Unfortunately with VST3 plug-ins it depends on the plug-in manufacturer.
Perhaps iZotope could organize their plug-ins on a future update. "

So basically they leave it to the plug in manufacturer. I don’t think it’s fair, as I don’t want to sort the plugins by manufacturer, but by plugin type, and the manufacturer has no way to know how I want to organize them. It’s the DAW that should let the user organize the plug ins as they want to…



There is an option in preferences to “turn off” sorting plugins by manufacturer. This allows you to create your own folders in the VSTPlugins folder. Then you should be able to either move or install your plugins in the folder you specify.

I’d rather have e.g

AmpSims >

  • Amplitube
  • AmplitubeXGear
  • Ampeg SVX
  • GuitarRig
  • VST AmpRack

Distortion >

Overdrive >

yada yada yada

which might be silly in somebody’s eyes but to me it would work.

I still think the idea with dummy.dll files just for sorting would be a good idea.
Like 1kb *.dll files just pointing back into the program like shortcuts with no function:
HALion Sonic SE.dll
Pingpong Delay.dll
It would let users sort their plugins and Steinberg et all to keep their code on the other side of the *.exe if that’s what they wish to do. Win-win! :sunglasses:

Meanwhile I have 4 open Tickets. NOT ONE they have answered.


There are some pretty smart people here. Maybe post your questions and we can help out?