Is the USB-eLicenser stick always needed when using Cubase?

I’ve been using Cubase v6 on my laptop successfully with my USB-eLicenser. But now I have lost the USB stick and I am in contact with Steinberg customer support with the hope of being able to acuire a new one. However, there is something I have not fully understood with the way Steinberg handle such licensces:

I wonder if it is ever possible to use Cubase without having the USB-eLicenser connected to the computer? Preferrably, I would like to use the USB stick only once when activating the software on a particular computer, and then store the USB stick in a safe place so I don’t risk loosing it (when traveling etc). But from my understanding talking to support,this is not possible. And reading the Steinberg information on this, it is not very clear on the matter.

So, what is it that you don’t understand? Or, is it that you just don’t like the dongle concept? There has been quite a few topics about this.

For example …

They have a strict policy on loosing dongles. They replace it once for free normally if you are registered properly. That was in fact what i was told when i lost my dongle in Brasil.
If someone has got its dongle more often replaced, i’m glad to here about that.

The quickest way to replace it is to call them (by phone) They will send you new licenses.
As far as i know there is no way to operate cubase without dongle, unless you use internet downloads.
The lucky one who has your dongle actually just has to download the software and he can use it for free if he stays away from the internet, so that is the very known issue with dongles. Many aren’t happy about it, but untill the policy changes it will probably be allways like that. The software is open for everybody for downloading, but it is the dongle that is the key to make it operable. (just like a car)

You get used to it. After that one time i never lost it again and let’s hope i will never loose it again.

Thanks Roel for a straight good answer.

Scab: I was not searching for a discussion but an answer like the one Roel provided. I did search the forum before posting my question, so please do not think of me as arrogant just because I was not lucky in my search. But sure, next time I’ll put more effort in searching in order to not offend anyone.

Just trying to help. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.

And, hopefully you won’t lose your dongle again … :unamused: .

My apologies, Scab. Didn’t mean to be offensive though I realize that this is how I came across. again… ;(