Is their a way to fix latency in cubase 12 pro

Hi, i am using Cubase 12 pro with window 11 , babyface pro fs.
when i add rx10 plugins. their is always a delay in play.
is their a way to relsove it ?

Some plugins inherently adds a lot of latency due to “look ahead” features in particular.
You can add a rack in your mix console to view latency added to each channel.

The RX plugin produces much latency. Try to avoid it.

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very true Rx is bad with Cubase.

There shouldn’t be any delay when mixing using different plugins, delay compensations will take care of it, increase your buffer for mer power.

if you are trying to record in the same project, that’s your problem.
get a zero latency setup or mix in a separate project like you should do.