Is there a 8.5 Bug Fix Log?

Is there any listing of bugs/issues found (and fixed) from the 8.0x series that were addressed in 8.5?



Some bugs were fixed, but no list was built.

Disappointed to hear that.

Usually a new “point” version gives us some indicator as to whether outstanding issues were looked at. It’s not like 8.03 was perfect or bug free by any means.


Generally, all bugs that are reported and reproducible, get fixed.

With respect, that’s a little cryptic and evasive! It’s a valid question that deserves a little more than it got. A list of ‘reported’ bugs and those fixed should be submitted for review by owners and those looking to upgrade. No doubt they’re logged and I’d imagine relatively easy to access and publish so we can see, without having to ask, the ones that ‘generally’ didn’t make it into this release.