Is there a better way to do swing without tuplets?

I’ve recently switched from Sibelius to Dorico for schoolwork, and when working on compositions I like to mess around with what I’ve written to see how it sounds for inspiration. One of the things I always do is play around with swing, and after looking up tutorials I can’t find the menus they use and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a feature that isn’t available in the cheaper version of the software. Does anyone know a workaround that isn’t just rewriting all the notes into tuplets?

Welcome to the forum @Thomas_Hindle ! Are you using Dorico SE? You can enable swing playback using the tempo popover, which will swing either quavers/8th notes or semiquavers/16th notes, depending on the rhythmic feel you select:

In Dorico Pro, it is also possible to enable swing playback as the default for a whole project.

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Hi, this is exactly what I was looking for, I hadn’t seen the page but this is really helpful for me. Thank you for your help