Is there a big difference between WaveLab Elements 7 and 9?


I am a Cubase user but noticed that mastering in Cubase can be complicated. I am a hobby musician and my mastering needs are not very advanced and I probably won’t need full version of WaveLab but WaveLab Elements seem to be able to optimize my mastering workflow. I saw in one of music production forums that somebody was selling his copy of WaveLab Elements 7 for a reasonable price. I couldn’t find a comparison chart between different WaveLab Elements versions. Do you know if there are important features for mastering that were intoduced in latest WaveLab Elements version? The product is not that expensive but I don’t want to buy the latest version just to have the latest.

Thanks in advance


I’ve never used Elements but I would say the Full/Pro version of WaveLab 7 vs. WaveLab 9 is ENORMOUS and I would possibly consider an entirely different app if it came down to using WaveLab 7 vs. something else.

I think you would be much better off getting the current WaveLab 9 Elements vs version 7 assuming that Elements in general meets your needs. The difference between the GUI and concept between version 7 and version 9 to me is not small.

To me they are not even the same program where as the different between Pro Tools 11 and 12 is is not very big.

My two cents.

Thank you! This is what I needed to know.