Is there a "Bounce all Project Audio" button?

As it says in the title … To avoid having to individually bounce each snippet of audio one at a time.


Could you clarify what it is you’re doing at the moment and what the desired end result is?

Isn’t that the audio mixdown function?

I believe you can select multiple events and it will bounce all of them

Thanks guys! To clarify - I may have a vocal track that has been cut in a dozen or two different places, some segments with volume automation, some segments with VariAudio, etc. Sometimes I just want to start clean, so I select all the audio on the track and bounce. I also have other similar audio tracks, maybe some piano that’s been processed or background vocals, and at some point I’d like to do something similar. But I still want the audio on the track, just not all cut up into little snippets.

So instead of chasing down all the little snippets of audio in the track, I was wondering if there were a way to bounce them all to stay in their respective tracks, with one command.

Thanks -

Make a PLE preset to select all audio and create a macro calling that followed by the bounce selection command. Assign it a KC.

Bear in mind this will bounce ALL audio events regardless of whether you have edited them or not.

That’s a nice idea, thank you Grim!

If you select all the clips and do events to part then bounce it will become one clip,but it might follow automation and inserts

Render in Place is what is use.

First click on arrange background so no events are selected > select the tracks (by holding CTRL/CMD) > Render in Place (Render settings) > select the option you need (Dry - preservers insert plugins, Channel settings - renders/prints inserts, etc.), also choose “As one event” to bounce as one audio file per track.

It sounds like a long process, but if you have the settings already chosen then just use the keyboard shortcut for “Render in Place” (I have mine set to letter “A”, Option/ALT “A” for “Render settings”).

It is actually very quick (dependant on how many tracks you bounce of course.