Is there a bug with side-chaining?

In the middle of a mix here and I want to side chain the kick and bass.Usually I engage the side chain on the compressor on the bass track and send the kick to this.But for some reason I can t find the side chain to send it to.Is this a bug or does Cubase 8 do it a different way now?(coming from Nuendo 4 but ive been using 8 since january)

Not all compressors in cubase offer this feature.

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Which compressor are you using? the one I the channel strip works fine here.

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I have had this happening a few times, never really found the reason. Making a new track and copying the content over did the trick. Could be I had a send open somewhere that would have caused a feedback loop, on the original track.

sidechaining is working properly - it’s always a routing (feedback) issue.

to properly test it, temporarily route both your key trigger and affected track to the master bus and delete all their sends (disengaging them isn’t enough).

for instance, having the intended key trigger signal on ‘group 1’, and a disabled send to ‘group 1’ on your to-be-sidechained track will disable the option to send to the to-be-sidechained track compressor’s sidechain input from ‘group 1’.

Using waves C-6.The sidechain version.Ill try what you guys suggested.Never had this issue before.I use to just engage the sidechain,then in the sends section of the kick it was always an option.No option appears at all now.Suspected it was a routing problem but i double checked it.Weird.Ill have a look again today.If there is no known issue its something im doing.Thanks for the help

This problem has been in Cubase for many versions. What I end up doing is adding and removing the compressor in different slots a few times until it appears as a side chain - it is a pain

Damn,that is annoying.Never had that this problem in nuendo 4.Seems odd that its in cubase 8 still

I have to do this and when trying to sidechain with the mb on a certain frequency it doesn’t work yet I see videos doing what I want…

Ya I seen a video where someone else had the exact same problem so its not just me having this issue.I managed to get mine working by copying the channel and moving the compressor.Is this listed in the reported bugs section?