Is there a channel follows mixer preference?

I’m on a 2 screen system now. But I would like to move to a 3 screen system, since feedback on the Artist Series gear is so limited. The original idea was to have Screen Left for the channel view & plugs, Screen Center would be the project window and Screen Right would be for the mixer. There’s a major problem with this arrangement.

  1. I’d have to program every single plugin on every single channel to show up in the left screen. :open_mouth: FORGET THAT! :laughing:

Plan B: Left and Right Screens would have the mixers and the Center Screen would have the project window. The problem there is the channel window will ONLY OPEN IN ONE WINDOW, left or right. If I’m looking at the right screen and open a channel there, I’m good. But if I’m looking at the left screen and open a channel, it still shows up in the right screen. This is annoying.

I tried opening multiple mix windows, assuming the channel would open in that particular mixer’s space. But it doesn’t . I tried making a new work space to achieve the same goal. Zip. This seems like such a simple thing that SHOULD be possible. I just want the channel view to open in either the left or right screen depending on which mixer I pick. Is there a preference or something I can do to make this happen?

I would guess that is because you are not “opening a channel” as such, you are merely displaying the channel settings window. I get what you want, but I don’t think it was design d to do what you want. You can only have one pinned channel settings window and it will always show the selected channel. Well you can have multiple windows, but to be honest I have never tried to pin two, it may work but I wouldn’t expect it to.