Is there a clear "what's new in V10" document somewhere?

I have spent a half hour scrolling through Steinberg’s very slow website trying to determine what I would actually get if I upgraded from 9.5 to 10. I have seen a few items scattered here and there, but I was hoping to find a single document that documents the major new features and enhancements all in one place with enough depth to make a purchase decision.

Has anybody seen such a document?

Or maybe a 3rd party review? Sometimes they are a lot more helpful that the vendor documents.

Here is a nice review

This is a good overview


Yeah, lots of good info clearly presented. Covers lots of smaller changes that Steinberg isn’t even mentioning.

You know you are a DAW nerd when changes to the export dialog sound pretty exciting. :confused:

Very nice compendium – exactly what I was looking for. It does look like many small improvements. Some of the major things have been in other DAWs for awhile. Nonetheless, it is nice to see this progress. Personally I would be a bit more enthusiastic about upgrading if Steinberg had a commitment to ARA 2. I’m sure VariAudio is nice, but I would rather work with Melodyne, and I’d like to see more of an openness to what amounts to de facto standards, even if Steinberg didn’t invent it.

I will probably upgrade, as the cost is pretty reasonable.

They do, it’s right on the product description page. Search for “ara”

I read in a thread it will happen in Q1 2019.

Excellent. Thanks. That cinches it for me.

They didn’t explicitly mention ARA 2, but surely that will be the implementation. It wold not make much sense to implement ARA without the L2 capabilities.

I think I’ve seen ARA 2 specifically mentioned by someone from Steinberg


And here it is in the initial Cubase 10 forum post :astonished: