Is there a command for increasing/decreasing note value?

I’m trying to find a way to increase/decrease the note value based on the selected note instead of instead of having to manually select the precise note value I need. For example if my selected note value is a half note increasing it would make it a whole note and decreasing it would make it a quarter note. I would find it very useful to have increase/decrease bound to two buttons on my midi keyboard.

If this feature is not available, would this be possible to achieve through a script? I’ve found that you easily can change the note value through a script but I would somehow need to be able to read the currently selected note value to be able to script this, which I’ve currently found no way of doing.

You can indeed do this: Shift+Alt+left/right arrow will increase or decrease a note’s length by the current rhythmic grid value.

Thank you! Unfortunately this does not seem to work during note input in the way I imagined. Using Shift+Alt+Left/Right modifies the value of the last written note rather than the selected value for the next one I’ll input. My prefernce would be if I could have the exact same effect as clicking a note in the write menu or pressing 4/5/6 etc would have in input mode.

Ah, I see what you mean: you do have to leave note input for these shortcuts to work. We’ll have a think about whether we could come up with a means of changing the duration of the next note to be input in a similar fashion.

Ok, thanks anyways! I take it then that even through a script I’d mostly be limited to read the note value of an already written note (if that’s possible) and it would be harder to read the note value selected in the write menu?

Your script would have to do something like work out which duration is currently selected in the panel, then set the next longest or shortest one as appropriate. Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s possible via the current state of the scripting API to read out these kinds of UI values.

Yeah, I figured as much. I’ll make do with using the numbers on the keyboard for now but I would very much like to request it as a feature if possible :slight_smile: A good example on how I’d like it to work i how pressing +/- works in Guitar Pro if you’ve ever tried it out.