is there a command to "delete players not being used by any Flows" in your Dorico session?

This would save tremendous time in terms of organization since right now it takes an excruciatingly long time to delete a single player when you have several flows…

  • D.D.

There’s no such command at the moment. I’m curious what aspect of having those players in the project is causing you problems. Is it just that you want to keep a clean list of players in Setup mode (which is by no means an unreasonable request, of course), or is there more to it?

If you delete the player from the panel on the left hand side, it will be removed immediately from all flows, as it won’t exist anymore!

The numbers of flows should be irrelevant.

Ben, the number of flows is entirely relevant, because that act of removing a player (from the project) can become a two-minute act as opposed to an immediate one if there are many flows in a project. This is not to do with how many clicks the user has to do, but how long Dorico spends calculating.

So, even if there were a “Remove all redundant Players” command, it might not actually be any faster, then?

Even if it wasn’t actually faster, it would only require one input from the user as opposed to one input for each player. I’m always in favour of an automatic (but slow) option that means I can go and make a cup of coffee…

You can select more than one Player at a time and Click on the Dustbin icon.

I’m not going to resort to doing a screen capture. Trust me - it can take an age just to shift-select a bunch of players. Really.

PRECISELY - currently it’s painfully slow when (for whatever reason) one wants to get rid of players not being used by any flows that may have cropped up. Would love to do it in one swoop (even if I have to go get a coffee while waiting)…

And (Daniel): I’d like to do it because sometimes if I am importing musicXML and the players don’t exactly match up, I end up with (for example) multiple copies of similar players, which after copying to a single player results in extra players that need to be deleted. Thus, I find myself clicking and waiting around when I need to organize things in this manner for long periods of time…

Actually (benwiggy) you’re of course correct! I have no idea what I was doing but somehow I kept finding I needed to delete unused players 1 at a time and waste an inordinate amount of time. Now I see that if I’m in Setup and choose a Flow at the bottom (which automatically highlights that Flow’s players plus the Layouts for that Flow at right), I CAN’T delete players (which is probably what I was experiencing?) However, if I subsequently click on ONLY the players I wish to delete at left, I CAN, indeed, just select a bunch of them and delete them all at once by hitting the “Delete” button on my Mac, or by clicking the Trashcan (d’oh!) So…“never mind”…:slight_smile:

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