Is there a factory reset for the UR-242?

I had a problem with my UR242 (with firmware V101) with both my PC and my iPad.

My configuration is as follows:
–Roland Piano, connected to UR242 by Midi In
–USB from UR242 to iPad Air (via USB Camera cable to Lightning adapter).
–Using both Monitors and Headphones plugged into UR242

I’m supposed to be able hear the audio generated by the PC or iPad in the headphones/monitor, but audio stopped coming in from USB. Midi was working because I could see the midi signal showing up on both PC & iPad. Instruments plugged into Inputs 1 & 2 do work.
I believe that the problem starting when I tried using the dspMixFX app on my iPad.
I was very frustrated, I couldn’t get it to start working again, and I thought that the unit died. I kept plugging away and eventually was able to get it to start working again when I was using Halion on my PC and set the output to be FX out (instead of normal output), then I was able to switch it back to the normal output and it was fine.

So that’s a very long way of saying, that somehow the unit got in a state and even after unplugging it multiple times, there was no obvious way to get it back to the way it was. I tried reinstalling the firmware, but the firmware tool won’t let you reinstall the same firmware version.
Is there a way to reset the device to factory settings in case something like this happens again?



If there’s no factory reset, does anybody no what caused my original problem, and how to avoid it?