Is there a function to move the Cubase midi note freely?

I’m the existing LPX user. The function I use when I arrange orchestrations or string instruments is the time handles function. I know that Cubase has no other way than to cut and transfer the region. The attached image is a clip when time handles are used in logic. Do you have these functions in the Cubase?

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Unfortunately not this way. The only way is to cut the MIDI Part and Time Stretch the MIDI Part in the Arranger/Project window.

Oh dear… That’s unfortunate. :cry:Thank you.


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OH! Thank you👍

I just:

  1. set my range with the range tool,
  2. split range,
  3. set the selector tool to Timing applies time stretch and there ya go.

You could make a quick macro I would think

This can only be done on the Arrange page though not in the piano/midi editor

This is just MIDI Compression/Expansion

If there are certain ratios that you use frequently, you can program a Logical Editor macro.
I use shortcuts for 1/2 and 2x time compression of selected notes.

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Good ideas, guys…

Filter Target
( Type is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Position | Multiple by | // This is the multiple-factor, use 2.000, for double the speed
Length | Multiple by | // The same number


Actually, there are already 2 presets available:

  • Logical Editor > standard set 1 > double tempo
  • Logical Editor > standard set 1 > half tempo

Just exchange the Parameter 1 values and you are ready to go.

+1 although you can technically do this by warping the whole midi part, it would be way more convenient to do it this way, especially if you have certain midi notes that occur at the same time which you might not want to affect