Is there a "goto timestamp"?

Looking for something like Sibelius’s timeline slider where one can quickly navigate to a specific timestamp by moving the slider. I don’t want goto bar number or goto rehearsal mark or goto flow.

No, at the present time there’s nothing quite like this in Dorico.

Thank you Daniel. Perhaps a future release candidate. It would be very useful.

The workaround is to display timecodes.

Setup mode, Library, Layout Options. Timecodes section.
The timecodes are very tiny.

You can enlarge them by changing the timecode font style:
Engrave mode / Library / Font Styles / Timecodes.
Changed it from 6.0 to 14 pt so it’s readable in Write mode on a full orchestra score.

The documentation talks about a separate Timecode Staff but I don’t see it. That’s OK, I just need to see timecodes while I’m working.

The result looks something like this:

You could create a marker at specific timestamp (Write>Create Marker…). Would that meet your requirement?