Is there a Grace Period for SLP7 owners who bought Samplitude X5 Suite?

I bought Samplitude X5 Suite which came with SLP7.
It didn’t state that it came with a free Upgrade to version 8 unlike Samplitude X6 Suite.
But as I haven’t registered it yet, will I still get the usual grace period upgrade to 8?
I was told elsewhere that this isn’t the case, but want to check before I decide whether to register it now to get the reduced upgrade price.

The date of license activation is important here, not registration.

If you didn’t activate it yet you should automatically get the latest version. If you already activated the license but you are within the grace period I think your license should be updated when you run the maintenance in the eLicenser Control Centre app.

But I’m not 100% sure about this.

You can also check here:

I wasn’t so much asking about the general policy, but specifically in relation to the license bundled with Samplitude X5 Suite.
I’ll have to ask Steinberg or Magix.