Is there a grace period from a 9.5 purchase? [Answered]

Hey, guys.

I upgraded to 9.5 Pro yesterday. Today 10 was released.

Is there any kind of grace period / that covers this situation?

I should mention that I purchased and downloaded it yesterday but didn’t have time to install or activate it yet. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.


Follow up:

Before I saw Fabio’s reply, I went to support / online chat, got a rep named Joel who was extremely helpful (despite the fact that I know he’s slammed on Release Day). He said I should go ahead and add the activation code to my eLicenser. When I did, I was automatically informed that the license had been upgraded to 10. So, downloading 10 as we speak.

I know some people have complained about Steinberg support and I don’t doubt the validity of their experience. That said, I just wanted to mention that on the day of a major release I had a rep in under 30 seconds, and his attitude from the moment I expressed my concerns about not having activated yet was, “don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” This has consistently been my experience on the rare occasions I need support, so kudos to the support folks for the job they do.

Yes. Read the C10 page for details.

From october 15th as activated Cubase 9.5 is grace.

If not activated yet - it’s free update and grace.

I have activated 9.5 post 15 october how can I upgrade the license to cubase 10?

Thanks, appreciate the help.

I’m looking at

Cubase 10 page

Cubase 10 Pro Buy now page

and not seeing details on the grace period on either. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Hi Chris,

if you didn’t activate the license yet, you actually don’t even need to know when the Grace Period started.
When you activate it, you’ll be notified that the manufacturer provides you with a free update - accept it and get 10!

To people who activated within the Grace Period: please install the latest eLCC, start it and run maintenance.
Once done, Cubase 10 will be listed in MySteinberg (assuming the eLicenser is registered)… log in and download it.


Hey, Fabio.

Thanks, man. That was exactly my experience. You guys are awesome. :slight_smile:


I upgraded from cubase LE to Elements 9.5 on 25th of october, yet when i check for eligibility it seems that there’s no grace period update for it. Is is an error or i really don’t fit in? thanks…

I activated Cubase Elements 9.5 on October 17th, can I get a free upgrade?

Rather annoyed,
I purchased and registered Cubase Elements 9 on 2nd October, no mention from either steinberg or the retailer that a new version was imminent. If I had been told I would have waited until the new version was released, I now find after 6 weeks of use I have to pay to upgrade having missed the grace period by two weeks, not really a great way to keep new customers grrrrrrr :astonished:

Quick question here. I bought and registered a pro 9.5 update. Wondering if I activate it now, am I

  1. activating pro 10 or
  2. registering pro 10, and activating pro 9.5?

Thanks a lot.