Is there a Groove Agent SDK?

I know this is off topic, sort of. But the GA forums are pretty slow and I’m pretty sure I already asked this there without reply.

There must be an internal SDK to develop the GUI’d kits and what not, is there no way for 3rd party developers/public to access this to created GA packs?


We does not provide such SDK, sorry

Hopefully in the future. Groove Agent is the best sampler existing today, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves and having 3rd partys develop content could direct a lot more traffic towards it.

Maybe the SDK could be a plugin/extension toolkit for Halion since Halion is in itself becoming a development platform

If this could be done with Halion, I’m sure it would require some complex tweaks and additions under the hood, but in terms of user implementation - there would need to be compatibility rules for implementation into Groove Agent - like GUI size restriction.

On another note, from I’ve read - Halion can also develop internal MIDI modules using Lua script? I’m not exactly sure what that means, if users can create their own MIDI effects, if so, perhaps the Halion development platform could also be used to create 3rd party MIDI insert Plugins for use In Cubendo as well.

This allows Halion to become a development platform for multiple Steinberg products - Groove Agent, Halion/Sonic, Halion SE, and MIDI insert plugins.