Is there a hidden flag somewhere in the remote editor

When you have eg push button encoder, it makes sense to use the push button instead of knob for toggle type functions but there of course needs to be a visible separate widget for the push function
Is this hidden somewhere? Seems to be no feature suggestion when I search the forum

From what I understand, a properly working push encoder is only possible to add with API and JavaScript. The Midi Remote Editor currently dont have all options that the API offers, i.e. it dont have push encoders, Lamps, (blind) displays etc.
If you add a push encoder via JavaScript and API, you will have all the options you talked about.

I code all day as a job…I’m tired of learning new stuff…I have made do and it’s working ok…I just want to make music now :slight_smile:

I have looked at the api…it’s seems to be missing a lot of stuff eg inserts and GUI manipulation so I’ll stick to gr for the moment