Is there a hotkey or popover for noteheads? Or can I create one?

I am working on a score for a client who uses a lot of different noteheads but they’re sort of peppered all over the place. It would be nice to just use a hot key for this specific thing rather than clicking to find the right one. Is there a way to program this?

Edit, preferences, key commands. Search for notehead.


I’m perpetually amazed at how many functions can be accessed directly via key commands. (It’s one of Dorico’s best features.)

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Yep, I’ve fallen in love with them recently. Even shortcuts for text styles!? :heart:

So I edited the preference and added a hotkey but all it does is take me to Edit Notehead Sets. What I am looking for is a short cut to this:

How can I set it up to press a hot key and change the notehead to Large X and Diamond Noteheads?

I just tried (and as it happens, I already had a shortcut for those Large X and Diamond noteheads), and Dorico behaved exactly the way you want it: my selected notehead turned into a Large X. Can you say a little bit more about what steps you’ve taken? My shortcut, in case it matters (and it really does sometimes matter, as well as your keyboard layout, mine is French) is ctrl-shift-cmd-(
And I use a Mac.

This is what I found when I selected Key Commands in the Preferences.

Ok. In the search field, type large X and you should be able to select the exact notehead that you want. If this is the shortcut you’re using, Dorico does a perfect job in opening the menu, since that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Based on your post with the snapshot, you’re in the wrong section. Don’t use the one in Engrave. Go to the Edit section, then assign key commands.

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That did it, thanks!