Is there a KC shortcut for Clip Gain?

That’s the question. Is there a KC shortcut for Clip Gain? I couldn’t find anything on it in the manual, just instructions on how to use it. I want to program the the clip gain control to my MC Control and use it from there instead of wasting time looking for the center of the event to access the “CG Handle.” Is this possible?

yes and no.
I can’t remember what the exact name is, but yes it is in there.
However, you may not be able to do what you hope to do. The KC launches INCREMENT/DECREMENT clip level, it is done using a fixed amount 1dB. So if you hope to use a fixed specific rotary encoder to do this I don’t think that you will be able to do that.

There are ways around that as well, but they are not simple solutions and will require you to figure out stuff for yourself.

Audio - Decrement/Increment Event Volume

also, it’s super handy to use macros to have +/- 3 dB

Thanks a lot guys. I was able to program the KC to my Transport & MC Control. It works great! :smiley:

In the preferences you can assign it to your mouse wheel which is very helpful especially changing multiple clips at once. Been using that feature for many years.