Is there a key command to quickly select a certain track?

I have a template with over +200 and I’m always trying to find the Piano track. Can I set a key command to quickly select it and zoom to it. Or is each track have a number or something?


Each track has own number. And you can set own color. It’s very helpfull to set own significant color to the important track.

I don’t think, there is Key command for this. But you can do this by using MIDI cotrnoller (great are switch buttons, for these commands) and Generic Remote. In the lower sheet, there will be:
Fader 1 ::: Mixer ::: “name of the track” ::: Selected.

search by cubase´s project logical editor…? (save a preset?)

Make it the top track?

Like centralmusic says use the PLE.

In the Filter section set up the following:
Container type is equal to track
Name contains “Drum” (for example)

Set ‘Select’ in Function.

Clicking ‘apply’ selects all tracks containing the word “Drum”.

and here´s another nice solution:
“toggle track list” (split arrange)
…and drag the relevant track(s) into the upper half!

this, C6:

or: (sorry, old Image of Cubase SX)

I really love this feature in Cubase!

Yes, this is the way. You can assign your own Key Command on to this your Logical Preset, or Project Logical Editor.

So, open the Project Logical Editor and creat your own settings.
Media Type is ::: Equal ::: MIDI (or Audio, it depens, if this is MIDI or Audio track) ::: And
Name :: :Contains (or Equal) ::: “write the name of the tracks”

Action Target

  • leave empty

Change Function from Transform to the Select.

Save your Project Logical Editor settings, name it like “Search Piano”, for example.

Open your Key Commands, write “Search Piano” to the Search fiels, and assign your key command.

I’m sending screenshot of the Logical Project Editor settings. I choosed, if the name comtains “01”, select it.

Very nice solution, too!

Cubase is very customized, I like it more and more. :wink:

Hey Martin!
thank you for the screenshot of the Project Logical Editor!
most underrated tool in Cubase, isn´t it…?

erm… I need to learn to deal with it! really a great feature.

Yes, this is very powerfull tool, which can solve lots of operating or work flow problems.

It will be much more better, if customers can program own macros, or make more conditions, like “if, else”.