Is there a known bug in Project Info?

Twice Dorico has frozen when I have been copying info between the project and flows in Project Info.
Is this something that is known?

No, there is not a known bug for this.

Did you already try to tab away and come back again? It could be, that the app is losing focus, means it ends up as the frontmost window but it is not actually in focus it only looks like it’s frozen.

The dialog also doesn’t do much that could cause the app to hang up altogether, it just copies a few strings around

If this doesn’t do the trick, it would be useful to zip up the project file and attach it here so that the developers can have a closer look.

I don’t think it was possible to switch windows even. I’ll be back on the thing in a day or two and will keep a closer watch. Will get back when/if I have more info.