Is there a layout option for player doubling?

Hi there, I am wondering if there is some layout option I can set so that the new instrument that the player is playing shows up when the new instrument’s music begins, rather than at the change. For example:

This is what happens automatically with the piccolo part. The “Picc.” shows up in front of an oboe cue and I am worried that might confuse the player.

I can go to engrave mode and move it manually to look like this, with Picc. occurring right above the music:

I would love it if I could just set something up in Layout Options so that it does this automatically. Is there an option for this? Thanks in advance.

There isn’t currently a good way of doing this automatically.

IIRC the solution is to have the cue not in the picc. but in the other instrument the player was holding before switching to picc.

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