Is there a lines menu?

If, let’s say, in a piano piece the melodic line or idea switches from one stave to another sometimes a line is drawn between the staves showing this.
For violin, if I want to show that a line is played only on the e string I would like to show the duration of that something like this: Sul I _____________ with a down hook at the end of that line.
Is there or will there be such an option?


There aren’t any such lines in the program right now, but we will be adding things like this as we go along. You can use a glissando line with its text hidden as a substitute for a line used for voice-leading in keyboard music in the meantime.

I’ve had good luck faking lines with the text command (shift X) and the underscore character ____. You can combine with other characters in the SMuFL font - here are a bunch of arrowheads, for example:

For me this is a good enough workaround until “real” lines become available. And Merry Christmas!

Thanks Stephen, I’ll look into that.