Is there a list of plugins that WaveLab does like?

I see that it likes my Wave plugins but not my Steinberg plugins from Cubase 6.5.4, nor my Slate Digital ones. All of this seems a bit odd, and yes, I am new to WL. Am I not directing WL to the right folder?

Thanks for any help.

I see, too, where someone mentions a ‘shared folder’ that maybe pertains to Cubase and WL, but I am not clear on this, is there some way to make the plugins common or shared that Win7 and the two programs do not create by themselves?

Im confused why WLE recognizes my Wave bundles so easily but not my Slate or stock Cubase 6.5.4 plugins. Any help?

Well, to answer my own question again, when I went back and installed WLE7 64 bit, everything I had was found, including a file called ‘midi gate’ from Cubase. I moved this file and WLE7 was able to load properly. The crazy part is that WLE7 64 bit is radically different than WLE7. Much better look and better performance! :smiley:

This is a great program, Thanks, Philippe!

P.S. I placed the ‘midi gate .dll’ back in it’s correct/original place and also listed it in the WLE7 ‘do not use’ list. This is working fine.