Is there a macro to change the dynamic in one staff of a flow

I’d like to change the dynamics of one section of instruments in a wind band to allow a soloist to come through for example make a clarinet section one degree of softness more to allow a clarinet soloist to come through. Similarly say with the flute section. I can see all sorts of issues but is there a “macro” that would allow me to do that?

There’s no macros unless you use the new Remote API (and register with Steinberg to get access) or use the alpha/undocumented Lua interface.

Not sure exactly what you want, but as far as I can tell won’t just selecting all your instruments (select a note from each, I use Shift-down arrow) and then Shift-D your dynamic? I do that all the time to set dynamics for a section.

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Try this. Select the notes you want to be affected.
Filter>Immediate Dynamics
Edit>Dynamics>Decrease Dynamic Intensity

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Thanks Dan, Jesele and Janus - that worked excellently