Is there a macro to name markers when you place them?

It’s one of the many things that would help workflow greatly: When you place a marker, being able to name it immediately instead of having to go to the info line or marker window to rename it. It’s a simple and smart feature from Pro Tools and I want to find a way to do it here. I’m having a hard time figuring how to do it with a macro, or if it’s even possible.

Again, the feature that I’m looking for:

One key command that places the marker, then you write the marker name without having to click again or navigate anywhere, then you hit Enter and all is done.

This command is only available in Nuendo. However, you can make a macro and add it to a short cut key and you can type it in the box:

Open Marker List
Insert Marker

Of course, you’ll have to then close the Marker List (CTRL + W). It’s the small things like this that I really miss about Nuendo.

Damn, OK. Thanks for this, it’ll have to do for my existing projects on Cubase. As with other things in Cubase, it’s still too many clicks to do something basic that I use all of the time.

Yes, it would be good just to doubleclick marker and rename as minimum.
I don’t think I used a daw that did not have that - apart from Cubase.

I think both Sonar and Reaper had Insert named marker and up comes a popup to write the name.

Marker is my main quick navigation in timeline.