Is there a manual for Model E?

fantastic synth, great minimoog emulation. runs in 64 bit projects unlike embracer and monolog >:] But I was wondering if theres an old manual i can download for it. If not I’ll just post my questions in this thread.

I wouldn’t mind a manual either :slight_smile:

You know button for button, knob for knob, it really is trying to mimic the minimoog’. So technically the old Mimimoog manual would suffice.

Just want to say that I think it sounds amazing, just the kind of sounds I like.
Keep it and let go some of the other synths.


Say, anyone else not getting a response from the filter keytrack switches? Running 6.0.5 64-bit Snow. Not an officially supported synth so I don’t think it’ll be fixed but if its working for someone else then maybe I’m doing something wrong.